About Jerkhampton

The roots of Jerkhampton can be traced back to the late 90s, when just a handful of Original Jerks began attending the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. These OJs were largely a product of Binghamton Public Schools.

From there, other soon-to-be jerks -- also from the Southern Tier, began attending as well. Camping was primitive, as funds were illiquid. Jerks were relegated to Tent City. Not everyone had their own tent. And not everyone could afford their own tent pass. So one giant military-grade tent was used for several years, often providing shelter for perhaps up to ten people. The cost savings were palpable, and so was the stench.

Soon the group graduated to vehicle camping. First on the baseball diamond and then to the Traditional Ancestral Jerkhampton Homestead. In the early aughts, it was at the TAJH that two separate groups of friends became indelibly linked. They shared spirits, instruments, and food. They brought significant others, made new people, and invited other merrymakers to be part of the festivities. Aspiring Jerks would travel from all corners of the country to spend a weekend in Trumansburg, New York. And they told their friends. At the last fest, dozens of people gathered to listen and create music, share food and drink, swap stories, and celebrate life. The story continues...

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Square Dancing

As proud Binghamton High School alumni, many of us (Go, Patriots!), we carried forth the tradition of Square Dancing. Some years you'll find us Square Dancing, other years...it's just too damned hot! 

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Sea Chanties